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SOSLevels would welcome your continued support in our fight against the Nythe Road solar development. We expect Elgin to appeal against the planning refusal sometime soon, or they may decide to resubmit. In any event, we are preparing the ground to challenge them, and this will involve further work by our consultants and other specialists.

Your pledge to help us with a donation if and when Elgin make their next move will be gratefully received and recorded in a secure password-protected folder.

Please pledge a donation by email to:


A pledge is non-binding and can be withdrawn at any time, without having to explain.

Donations will also be welcomed while we wait for Elgin's appeal. Our bank details are:

Account name: Save Our Somerset Levels

Account No: 78850660

Sort code: 30-99-50

All pledges and donations, however small, are always gratefully received.

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